Celebrating the birthday, baptism, or another special occasion for a one-year old boy? Then you’ll need something amazing to wow him and his parents. Since shopping for babies can be tough when you don’t have one of your own—or aren’t sure what kids these days like to play with—we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help you find a fantastic assortment of gift ideas for one-year old boys. So whether the one-year old you know loves bath time, snuggling with a soft stuffed animal, or tactile games, you’ll find something perfect for this curious and active phase of his life.

Fisher-Price Elephant Keyboard



Music boosts learning for people of every age—especially one-year olds who soak up new information like sponges. Help the little boy you’re shopping for grow his mind and his musical skills with this adorable and fun Fisher-Price elephant keyboard. This toy comes with eight instrument sounds, 20 demo songs, four animal tunes, and so much more to keep every little boy engaged while he develops new skills. Although a one-year old might just bang on the keyboard or need help from mom and dad, this toy will last him for years as his musical ability and brain grow.

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Pool Floaties


Does the little birthday boy or special one-year old in your life love swimming? Bring home this cute frog pool floatie to help him splash around safely with his parents, family members, or you! These floaties also come with an octopus, crab, shark, clown face, and a number of other designs, so it’ll be easy for you to find something the little boy you’re shopping for will adore.

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Munchkin Bath Toys



While pool floaties are perfect for summer trips to the beach and pool, any one-year old boy (and up!) can enjoy these Munchkin bath toys. Shaped like sea creature, these little rubber toys fill with water, so mischievous little boys can have fun squirting themselves and their parents during bath time. Between a star fish, penguin, whale, shark, and more, little ones will have a hard time choosing a favorite squirt toy.

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B. Parum Pum Pum Drum



Parents praise this drum because it’s a toy their little ones have been able to play with for years. That’s because babies, toddlers, and young kids can change what kind of music they make (and the difficulty) as they grow. For instance, a one-year old might love shaking the symbol and smacking the drumsticks together, but a five-year old could start practicing basic rhythms. Babies outgrow so much so fast, so give them something they’ll be able to enjoy for a long time.

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Bear Hat


Baby clothes are so gosh darn cute! Since one-year olds don’t have a style of their own (it’s up to their parents), they won’t protest wearing this warm and adorable bear hat. Not only will it keep them toasty during cooler weather, but inspire everyone who sees them to say, “Awww!”

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Fisher-Price Popper



Every child walks when they’re good and ready, but most one-year olds have taken a few wobbly steps on their own. To encourage the little boy you’re shopping for to take his first steps and get moving, buy him this classic Fisher-Price popper. It’ll help him remain stable while he gets his balance and giggle and laugh while the toy makes its surprising popping sounds. If you’re worried he won’t like it, he will; this toy has been around since 1957, so it’s clear that babies have been loving it for decades!

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Baby Chucks



Seeing a baby dressed like a tiny adult never gets old! Neither will seeing your favorite one-year old prance around in these cute baby chucks. Babies go through lots of clothes—and outgrow them quickly—so gift these tiny chucks with a matching outfit to help parents keep closets full of adorable ensembles.

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OXO Training Utensils


baby spoon and fork

As one-year olds learn to feed themselves and move onto more adventurous cuisine, they’ll need baby-friendly utensils. These OXO training utensils have a no-slip grip, which means less spills for mom and dad as their rambunctious one-year old boy teaches himself how to spoon food into his mouth. Here’s an idea: pair these utensils with a baby food cookbook, organic baby food, and sippy cups to create an age-appropriate and thoughtful gift basket.

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Stuffed Animal


stuffed animal

Little boys and girls love stuffed animals. We love them too because these gifts make fantastic keepsakes as babies age. This little elephant stuffie is a go-to gift for a one-year old boy (or girl) and makes even more of an impression when paired with a soft blankie. Plus, this toy may be thrown in the washing machine, which is huge for messy little ones and their parents who have to do the cleaning.

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Melissa & Doug Animal Puzzle



This Melissa & Doug farm animal puzzle is another classic that’s perfect for growing kids. Little ones may start by trying to fit animals into their proper places and then move onto learning animal sounds. Parents may even teach their little ones how to spell “horse,” “barn,” and “dog” as they progress to that stage of learning. This toy makes another great gift that will last far beyond a baby’s first birthday.

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Shopping for kids allows you to be a kid again, so have some fun perusing toys, stuffed animals, outfits, and more for one-year old boys. Just make sure whatever you pick doesn’t have a choking hazard or an age restriction and you’ll be good to go!

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