We all have a Dwight Schrute in our professional lives, but if you’re lucky, you probably also have a Pam Morgan and Jim Halpert to offset the crazy. For the coworkers in your office that make going to work bearable, show them how much they mean to you with one of these silly gifts. We made sure all gift ideas are safe for work, so you won’t get in trouble!

Coworker Citation Notepad


This gag gift is meant to make people in your office laugh—not berate them. If your coworkers have a fun sense of humor, buy some of these citation notepads to keep people smiling and venturing out of their cubicles to say hello every now and again. Some of the citations like “reply-all abuse” and “incessant texting” will definitely make people lighten up and remember not to take their office jobs too seriously.

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Sweet Mouse Pad


mouse pad memes

Have a favorite coworker who loves decorating their workspace? Give him/her this insane mouse pad (or another with a more suitable design) to dress up their cube even more. A cat riding a unicorn with flames coming out of its mouth makes for one heck of a conversation-starter, so get this mousepad for yourself too if you want to get to know more people in the office and stand out.

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Pen Holder


Cynical about having to work for the man? Know a coworker who shares this sentiment? Then why not buy him/her this hilarious pen holder? Depending on if it’s a Monday or Friday, the prognosis for this little guy may change for better or for worse. But it’s sure to make you and your coworker share a laugh every time he/she sets down a pen.

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Immune-Boosting Tea


Offices, like schools, are breeding grounds for germs and sickness. If you have a coworker who isn’t feeling too great or self-identifies as a germaphobe, bring them some of this Yogi immune-boosting tea. This tea is perfect in a get well basket or on its own with other germaphobe-themed gifts like hand sanitizer, gloves, and a face mask. It’s also fantastic to keep in your own desk in case you start feeling under the weather and know you can’t afford to take a sick day.

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Rifle Paper Stationary



Rifle Paper Company has some of the loveliest stationary and sophisticated designs. This stationery set makes an ideal coworker gift for someone who loves a tidy workspace, post-it notes, and all sorts of office supplies. So whether you’re planning a birthday party for a beloved coworker, a going away party, or a promotion celebration, this Rifle Paper stationary won’t disappoint.

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Graze Snack Boxes


graze box light

Some offices stock the break room with oodles of snacks, and others remain a barren wasteland when it comes to munchies. Whatever the case in your office, allow your coworkers to snack healthily and deliciously with these subscription Graze snack boxes. Purchase one month or more at a time so your favorite coworker can try it out, and then let them renew the subscription if they love it.

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Reusable Solo Cup



Did one of your coworkers just graduate from college? Then he/she might be struggling a bit to get used to the nine-to-five routine. To make the crossover more tolerable, give your entry-level coworkers these funny reusable, BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, heavy-duty plastic solo cups to use as a mug or water cup on their desks. This gift will take them back to their glory days of college tail gating and remind them that with this office job, they can graduate to real bottles.

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Small Talk Book


small talk book

Need a novel gag gift idea for a coworker? Try this small talk book. It’s perfect for an introverted friend who detests shooting the you-know-what or someone who just enjoys a bit of sass. After all, the art of discussing “the weather” before a meeting begins takes years of practice—something you’ll learn how to master in this book!

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Mini Water Cooler


small water cooler

Move your water cooler conversation to your favorite coworker’s desk with this desktop water jug. That way, no one will eavesdrop on your juicy gossip or venting about annoying office happenings. Plus, a dehydrated employee is an inefficient one (says science). Help keep your coworker hydrated so they’re a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce.

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Blue Light Stopping Glasses


eye strain reducing glasses

Blue light wreaks havoc on our eyes and brains, but every electronic emits this pesky wavelength! Help a coworker out by gifting these blue light blocking glasses. They’re not super stylish, but hey, they work!

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You spend 40 hours a week with coworkers (maybe even more depending on your occupation). Forge stronger friendships, smooth over awkward moments, and make new office mates feel welcome by shopping for these awesome coworker gifts.

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