Whether you’re best buds with your boss, trying to butter him/her up for a promotion, or looking to break the ice and establish better rapport, you’ll need a smart gift that will stand out and wow him/her. Lucky for you, we’ve found gifts that make great icebreakers, gag gifts, and thoughtful presents to put you on your boss’s radar.

USB Powered Electric Throw Blanket


Electric throw blanket for boss

If your boss is warm and cozy, he/she will be more likely to be in a better mood, right? That’s our hypothesis behind this USB-powered electric throw blanket. It plugs into the computer and sits on your lap or behind your back to keep you nice and toasty while working. Pair this gift for your boss with a card thanking him/her for his/her hard work, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming the new favorite employee.

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Compact Water Heater


small water heater

Bosses have a lot on their plates. If yours has a hard time getting out of his/her office, give him/her this fantastic water heater. It’ll allow your boss to stay caffeinated without ever having to hop off a business call or leave the building. Plus, this machine heats water in seconds, so your boss won’t waste any time during a busy day.

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boss flask

When work gets stressful, bosses might need a bit of a break. Help him/her the edge off with this “world’s okayest boss” flask. Definitely feel out the situation before giving this kind of gift; if you’re not buddy-buddy with your boss, choose a more appropriate gift!

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Gourmet Coffee Selection


gourmet coffee

Over 80 percent of American adults drink coffee, so odds are, your boss is one of them. This gourmet selection of coffee paired with the desktop water heater makes an awesome gift for bosses. It’s thoughtful, appropriate, and something your boss will actually enjoy—without being over-the-top. If you’re not sure about what your boss likes, ask coworkers to get some advice. However, we suspect you can never go wrong with coffee.

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Desk Footrest


desk foot rest

Putting your feet up after a long day feels amazing—as does putting your feet up during a chaotic 40-hour work week. Make a rest and relaxation gift basket for your boss by purchasing this desk footrest and the electric blanket we featured at the top of this list. Write a note that says, “I know how hard you work and can’t thank you enough. Put your feet up and try to relax!” to complete the gift.

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Bonsai Kit


bonsai kit

Is your boss a stress case? Help him/her calm down with a bonsai tree kit. The Chinese began this art over 1,000 years ago because of its ability to cure fatigue and stress, increase patience, and improve overall health. Guage your boss’s green thumb before buying this gift or offer to help keep it alive if you think he/she will need the help! Bonsai trees are relatively easy to keep with a regular watering and pruning schedule, so take it as an opportunity to teach your boss something he/she doesn’t know how to do and strengthen your relationship.

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Goodnight Flight Sleep Mask


boss flight mask

If your boss is always jet setting? Give him or her this innovative sleep mask. Not only does it block out the light, but attaches to the headrest to keep your head from jolting when you fall asleep. The mask comes in black, pink, blue, and a few other colors, so you’ll be able to find a perfect hue for your boss.

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Custom Bobblehead


custom bobblehead

Chummy with your bossman or lady? Have a custom bobblehead made to look just like him/her! Gag gifts never go out of style, and this is something a light-hearted boss will get a kick out of and keep on his/her desk.

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Super Shelf Book Holder


super book shelf

Your boss probably has a lot of books, awards, and accessories in the office, but a regular bookcase makes for a boring pedestal. We love these floating super hero brackets for a boss that’s in touch with his/her nerdy side. But if super heroes aren’t your boss’s cup of tea, try zombie, coral, or rhino bookends instead.

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Boss Mug


bossy boss mug

We couldn’t have a best gifts for bosses list without the quintessential “best boss” mug! There are so many to choose from—ranging from the mug below to renditions that say boss lady, #bossbabe, drinking coffee like a boss, and so many more. Depending on your relationship with your boss, you can go sassy or classy to find the best fit. Then, stuff this mug with artisan pens, candy, coffee, hot chocolate, or whatever you think the man or woman in charge will like most.

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Shopping for your boss doesn’t have to be stressful—at least, not when you use this guide of top gift ideas for your professional superiors. The sooner you start shopping to dote on your boss, the faster you’ll become one of his/her favorite employees! Have fun and happy hunting.

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