After the first anniversary, things were sort of a blur right up until the 5th. Maybe it was just because it seemed like a big number, but our 5th wedding anniversary seemed to be when we really got each other. Research from the Marriage Foundation found the fifth year is also the year that you’re “over the hill.” Couples in their first five years of marriage are far more likely to divorce than couples that made it at least 6 years. So be happy – you’re doing well!

The “traditional” gift theme for the fifth year is “wood,” and the modern theme is “silverware.” You don’t need to follow the wood or silverware gift ideas, because most people don’t. If you’d like to, though, I have a few ideas that will coincide nicely with the theme, as well as a bunch of gift ideas that are just unique and generally awesome.

Personalized Whiskey Barrel

Personalized Whiskey Barrel

You don’t actually have to age your own whiskey to enjoy having a small oak barrel. It’s also just a lot of fun for storing and serving whiskey. You can even put less expensive whiskey into the oak cask for a couple weeks and end up with something that’s far better than what you put in. If your husband would like to start making whiskey you can also get him this step-by-step guide to making whiskey. These nice folks will put his name (or an embarrassing nickname) on the barrel for free.

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Knife Set

Knife set

Silverware (or flatware) is kind of a boring gift if the two of you have decided to go with the modern theme of silverware, which means he’s probably going to give you flatware. Sharp knives are more fun and make a great gift whether you’re following anniversary gift themes or not. When shopping for knives, keep a few things in mind:

  • Serrated steak knives suck. They chew up your meat before you put it in your mouth. The only reason you have serrated knives is because you don’t have any good knives sharp enough to cut your food properly.
  • Single-piece knives like those I’m highlighting last longer. The handle won’t fall off or any of that garbage.
  • Knife snobs will tell you never to put good knives in the dishwasher. We rebel and do it anyway with this set, and it’s fine. You just might need to clean and sharpen them a bit more.

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Cordless Drill

Power drill

Yeah, we’re keeping up the man-tensity on this list. Cordless drills will, in my experience, be used far more often than corded drills simply due to the convenience factor. Whether you use it for putting up new drywall or just putting new IKEA furniture together, this DeWalt drill is probably the best cordless drill you can get for the money.

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Interesting (Whiskey) Tumblers

Whiskey tumbler


Ridiculously Sharp Knife

Sharp knife

A sharp fixed-blade knife can be used for lots of things besides stabbing. It can be used for heavy-duty cutting, cutting wood/kindling, skinning, and probably shaving if he’s willing to risk his life to show off. Get some dangerously sharp objects for every room, even if you already have absurdly sharp kitchen knives. Seriously, knives are some of the top-rated products on Amazon because most men just can’t get enough sharp objects. Best for guys who love the outdoors and camping.

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10 inch tablet

Let’s roll it back a little bit. Not every guy is into whiskey, knives, or power tools. Some are into browsing the web and playing games. This tablet is great for guys who just want to use it around the house and don’t have a tablet already. No one should be confined to a little screen while they’re trying to relax. If you’re lucky you can get this Dragon Touch tablet for a steal, and it does everything on WiFi that a standard tablet will do. Otherwise you can check out the iPad or other Android tablets.

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Smart Camera

Dropcam is a great product for the techie, especially for one who worries about home security. Dropcam lets you monitor your house through your phone whenever you want. It can also detect motion and send an alert to your phone when something happens. For a small fee you can also have it store video in the cloud in case you need to go back and see what happens. It’s a great gift idea, especially if he’s at work all day.

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New Gaming Console

New console

If he’s still using a PS3, do him a favor and bring him into the modern age. Buying an updated version of the console he’s using will always be appreciated. If he’s using an Xbox 360, definitely get him an Xbox One. Either console will also double as a media center to play Netflix and Blu-ray discs. If he’s not a console gamer and hasn’t mentioned wanting a new console, go ahead and skip this idea.

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New Underwear

New underwear

Remember that Seinfeld skit about how men never throw underwear away (video link)? If your husband is like mine, you aren’t laughing. He’d wear stretched-out old boxers he got in high school until the day he died. Luckily I got him some new underwear, and he looks a lot better. By that I mean it’s less like he’s wearing a diaper. He’s also more comfortable. Many men have discovered the value in underwear that fits snugly on the (fairly long) leg but is still loose in the crotch. This ExOfficio pair is probably the new favorite.

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Grilling Tech

iGrill 2

Let’s end it on a gift idea that is both manly and techie – something for every guy. The iGrill is a bluetooth-controlled thermostat that monitors the temperature of your food in real time. Now he can be inside relaxing with a beer while he watches the heat. The iGrill2  comes with 2 probes and can be expanded to 2 more relatively cheaply. It also comes with grilling recipes and plenty of other little features.

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