10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Love your man but not the part when you have to find him the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day? Never fear! We’ve scoured the web to find some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for husbands and boyfriends. Take a look at the wide variety of romantic, funny, thoughtful, and awesome gifts we’ve found and decide what your honey will like best.

Amazon Echo

Not to play on the stereotypical trope of men and electronics, but… Your dude is sure to love the latest Amazon Echo because it allows him to control his domain with his smart device as well as synchronize a handful of smart technology brands. That way, he’ll be able to dim the lights, put on the mood music, and turn up or down the heat while snuggling with you on the couch this Valentine’s Day.

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Grooming Kit

Keep your man looking divine with this Valentine’s Day grooming kit gift idea. It comes with steel precision blades to help him keep his face kissable and cute while cutting down on unloveable stuff like razor burn or wily nose hairs.

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YETI Koozie

YETI products keep things hot or cold for days, sometimes even weeks at a time. Depending on how much your beau loves his beer or soft drinks, it probably won’t have to work that long but it will just in case! If you want to give him something more substantial than a koozie, get a six-pack of his favorite beer, snacks, and tickets to his favorite band so you can tailgate in style!

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Ultimate Southern Living BBQ and Smoking Recipe Book

Does your special guy love to grill? Get him the Southern Living Ultimate BBQ Cookbook so he can become master of the grill and smoker. Pair this with a gourmet order from Omaha Steaks or Harry and David, a custom Kiss the Cook apron, and goodies you pick up from the grocery store and you’ll have one delicious and incredible Valentine’s Day gift.

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Bear Claws

Tell your fella how much you love his manliness with these primal meat shredders. They’re funny but also functional. With food safe, sharp as a tack BPA-free plastic, these kitchen tools aren’t playing around. Your man can shred chicken, pork, and beef with the ease of a grizzly and remove hot stuff from the oven or grill too. While you love him for his tender side, let him be rugged with these meat shredders this Valentine’s Day.

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Nintendo NES

Have a gamer for a boyfriend or hubby? Give him a throwback gift with Nintendo NES. This console looks just like the original, but it’s loaded with 30 built-in classic games like Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and more. He’s sure to love you for this fantastic Valentine’s Day gift! And if you’re a couple made in nerd-heaven, then it’s a present for you too!

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Men with a softer side will love these fuzzy, comfy slippers. Heck, even men who don’t want to admit to having a softer side will love these too. The leather and plush combo makes these slippers durable, stylish, and super great for lounging or running a quick errand. Give your man these slippers with a subscription to his favorite sport network, a personal massage, and a voucher for a homecooked meal and he’ll be weak in the knees.

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KINGSO LED Toilet Light

Whether you live with your boo or not, make him laugh with these LED toilet lights. They serve as a nightlight, using a motion sensor to turn on when it sense you’re near, and a funny piece of décor for his throne. Who knows, it might even help him remember to put the seat down…

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Beer Brewing Kit

Does your boyfriend, fiance, or husband adore his beer? Get him a kit so he can brew his own! Beer brewing is a great hobby and a fun thing you two can do together. While we can’t promise this Valentine’s Day present will lead to the opening of your own brewery, we’re sure it’ll be something you’ll enjoy doing together.

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Lucky Charms Marshmallows

The age-old saying, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, always gives you a great place to start gift shopping. And if your special guy is a kid at heart, then he’ll love this bulk bag of Lucky Charms marshmallows. That’s right, this bag only contains the marshmallows from Lucky Charms cereal—something you can pair with a sweet card about how lucky you feel to have found each other.

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Make your man feel like the luckiest guy in the world this Valentine’s Day by shopping for these awesome gifts. Whether you choose presents for a man who loves to cook, kick back and relax, or embrace his inner child, he’s sure to appreciate whatever you bring home.

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